Cycling – 4th May – North Warwickshire Cycle Route

Ok so yesterday I cycled the North Warwickshire Cycle Route which I hadn’t done for yearssss. I remember probably 10 – 15 years ago cycling it with my dad and some of his friends but that was the last time. This time I think it was much harder. Only getting back I to cycling in April since the Corona Virus Lockdown and being furloughed from work I decided to give it a go.

It really bought back some great memories as well as bought a lot of pain and suffering towards the end. The one part is shown in the pic below, soon as I got to this point about a quarter of the way in I immediately remembered completing it with my dad all them years ago, crazy how just a view can bring back them memories. Here’s the view:

About 10 minutes after Shustoke

So carried on and got a total of 36 miles all in all I think. Strava only says 31 but that wasn’t including the journey from home to the beginning of the route. By the time I was on the last major hill about 5 miles from home.inwas hurting, I was in the easiest gear I had and I cant even really remember the final climb it was so tuff, Id run out of energy. But still made it. We have some great countryside around here and the route definitely shows it. Here’s a few more pics and a link to the route on Strava if you want to try it. This route starts and ends from Kingsbury Water Park, although the official start point is Atherstone I think if you get the GPX data from Warwickshire website.

From this ride I’ve realised I now need a few new bits if I’m going to keep going like this. New Cycling Shoes, Gloves, and some Long Sleeve Tops. Just to keep comfy and maybe a 2nd water bottle and holder.

North Warwickshire Cycle Route on Strava by Jon Harris

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