Cycling – May 2020

So May has been the best Cycling Month so far. Managed to complete 388 Miles, shame i couldn’t hit 400 but June will hopefully be the month. Cycling’s getting a lot easier and can now get to on average 30 – 40 miles on a ride fairly easily now,

Started going out with a mate so that has helped with the motivation and rides go so much faster when your out with someone. So were slowly upping the rides distances and now hitting between 12 and 13 mph average, So hopefully get that up a bit.

Bought New Pedals, Shoes, Loads more Clothing, new Tyres, Inner Tubes, Got my Phone Mounted on the bike and tracking rides still with my Fossil Watch.

Also side effect is that I’m loosing weight, lost about 6lbs in May so the Cycling’s helping with that too!

Total of 17 Rides in May with just over 29hrs of of cycling
Heat Map of all the routes I’ve done in May 2020.
Heatmap of all the Routes I’ve rode in 2020.
Fitness Improvements since cycling from Strava. Averaging out now.

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