Folding at Home

Currently the folding at home programme has seen a huge uplift in people donating their computers and graphics cards to help support our understanding of disease proteins and more recently Covid-19.

So I decided to try and support a bit I’d get a few small PCs running the folding at home software 24/7. To me this just felt like a good way rather than just donate money to support the work the folding team are doing. Costs to me are the hardware and electricity but I guess this is like a regular donation.

So firstly I’ve set up my Server to run the folding software to run when my servers Idle. This is running on Unraid and works pretty well, but it’s not every good at running when my server is idle so I have to turn it on and off manually.

My second idea was to run a few small low power PCs but can leave them running fully 24/7. See below a pic of the 2 AcePCs I’ve got running folding . All this has been set up in my garage running through an old Cisco 3560 Network Switch. I’m going to try and add a few more PCs to help support more over the next few weeks hopefully.

So if you haven’t started helping head over to and get the software installed on your PC’s, Servers, any PS3’s and your NAS’s if you can. Every little helps.

Also here’s the links to the 2 small AcePCs I’ve got running. There running Windows 10 and to be honest the black one isn’t much good for anything really and the silver one is a bit more powerful but still not great for much of a desktop so there right at home just working away running folding at home

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