Home Server Upgrade – May 2020

So the original plan was to build a nice new Storage Server / Gaming PC using Unraid and some VM’s and Docker Containers, but with all thats going on and COVID-19 i decided to be a bit more sensible and just so a few upgrades the the current one instead.

So we start off with a HP Microserver Gen 8, Ive had it about 5 years so far and the only upgrade it had had was a little RAM and a small processor upgrade. So i decided it needed a little bit more and to replace the Xpenology Installation that had gone wrong a few months back.

So after moving all the data onto other drives (and sadly loosing some due to the problems with xpenology) i was ready to start experimenting with Unraid. And what did i find.. well its pretty easy to set up, takes a bit of getting used to but i was up and running with the basics in no time.

So what do i have now:

  • Processor – Intel I5 – 3470T CPU up from an I3 (No more cores but an upgrade in clock speed)
  • Memory – Added another 4GB of RAM to bring the total up to 8GB, hopefully up to 16GB in the future if i need it.
  • Hard Drives – Still using the same drives but the setup feels much better, We have 1X 4TB Drive for Parity, and 3X 3TB Drives for storage.
  • Cache Drive – We now also have a 250GB Cache SSD Drive too
  • Network – Still the same but im now using both 1gbs ports bridged together for better throughout when multipul people are accessing the server over the network.

So all in all some great upgrades and its working so well now. Plex runs faster and better, Home Assistant is running and im slowly adding everything onto it, Next Cloud is taking some work but its getting there.

So for a project thats taken a few weeks while ive been off work its been worth it and i will definetly be sticking with Unraid going forward, maybe next year ill get something bigger as im sure ill need more storage space soon…

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