Huawei Nova 5T Review

Huawei Nova 5T Review


I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review for Theinsiders_UK. As many of you will know these products require deposits so it’s a commitment usually in the Hundreds of Pounds to test and review a product, and yes you do get the money back at the end but sometimes campaigns can last a month or so so you have to feel quite strongly about a product to test it. This also allows you to feel closer to how you would if you paid full price for the product instead of getting it for free which can affect your review perspective. so read on and see what we thought.

About the Phone

Mid Range phone from Huawei, might allow China to Spy on you.. Generally quick performance, Bright and clear Screen, Not heavy, great variety of cameras with main 48MP Camera, Fingerprint Sensor on Power Button on side. Its around the same price point as the Pixel 3A

Ok… So Ignore the fact China might be spying on you. This is a Mid range Phone in a crowded market that actually surprised me. Lets jump into the Pros and Cons first:


  • Lightweight
  • Quick Performance
  • Camera Variety
  • Squared Design
  • Bright Screen
  • High Screen to Body Ratio
  • Good Battery Life


  • Average Camera Performance
  • Fingerprint Magnet
  • EMUI
  • Screen Resolution could of been higher
  • Competing with Pixel 3A at price point

It’s a mid range phone with good performance and a nice size form factor which is easy to use in one hand. Id asy it’s kinda the sweet spot for hand sizes! It fills your hand but doesn’t make it unusable as you can still reach the top of the screen with your thumb.


My only complaint is there is a lot of marketing around the cameras. 48MP camera etc but i feel thats let down by the Phone itself in terms of speed and performance and just the overall camera performance and quality. Yes its a 48mp sensor but is the app and software optimized enough to make the best of the camera…. No. It’s great to have the variety of cameras but just to have a crown saying 48mp doesn’t make it the king! Photos in low light suffer the most, oh but the Macro Mode is Ace, works like a charm! Heres some examples

Battery Life

Battery Life and day to day performance has been great, ive gone nearly 1 and half days with fairly heavy use and not had to charge it up which is kinda unheard of. So if you spend half your day twittergraming and youbooking then this is the phone for you if your on a mid range budget.


Connectivity is good overall although ive had a few aggravating moments with the WIFI networks not connecting on occasions, the remainder of connections such as bluetooth and 3G/4G has been great and has even shown improvements over my OnePlus7 Pro.


So would i recommend this phone…. I guess in a crowded marketplace this phone has won me over in more ways than one. So yes id recommend it but just make sure your not following the Camera Hype, if you desperately need the best camera then this isn’t the phone for you. For everything else of a mid range device then you’d be hard pressed at this Price Point to go wrong. Its an all round reliable and well sized device with a selection of great features you’d be hard pressed to beat.

What’s it missing

Usual Warnings a few people will moan about – No SD Card Slot, No High Refresh Rate Screen, no OLED Screen and no Headphone Jack (But remember Bluetooth Headphones are a thing now people!!!)


Screen 6.26″ 1080×2340 pixels

Camera Rear 48MP 2160p

RAM 6/8GB RAM HiSilicon Kirin 980 Chipset

Storage 128GB Storage

Battery 3750mAh Li-Po with 22.5watt fast charging (50% in 24mins)

Dimensions 154.3 x 74 x 7.8 mm 

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