My 2020 List

Soooooo no New Year’s Resolution this year… Just a list of things i’d like to do or achieve. The list so far as of 02/01/2020:

  • Build a new Storage Server at Home
  • Lose weight (Ideally get to about 12 Stone, from 15) But also get back into a better gym/exercise routine.
  • Visit some friends more up in Manchester
  • Get out to more local events and things that go on
  • Ideally get a new Car before i ruin my current one
  • Visit at least one European City for a weekend
  • Hit 50,000 Points on Google Maps Contribution (Nerd Warning)
  • Blog & Review Tech More
  • Get my Online Store up and Running
  • Go to a Concert / Show

Completed so far by 02/01/2020:

  • None…
  • Started using Habit App (Android) which hopefully will help me get into some routines and help with the Gym and Google Contributions and Blogging soon.

I’ll add this list to the side of my blog to remind me every time im on here!

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