New Veg Planter

So being Furloughed has had some advantages and all the time at home made me want to get a veg planter built.

It took way longer than it should of but after deciding on a location, finding somewhere to buy the wood from after half a day searching, then finding somewhere to buy a tonne of soil from.

The build was pretty easy, 8 lengths of 2.4m wood, 120mm width. Built a frame 2.4m X 2.8M. 6 stakes in the ground to hold it, supporting in the middle of the long runs aswell. Removed the Grass, dug up the ground, lined the edges with old compost bags just to stop the wood rotting too quickly. Filled the box with 1 tonne of soil that was delivered and dropped on the drive. Added 3 60L bags of compost to it and as if by magic i had a Vegetable Planter.

Veg Growing:

  • Runner Beans
  • Lettuce
  • Beetroot
  • Spinach
  • Something that i have no idea what it is.

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