KPI Development

KPI Development is on the list for next week.  Ive got the teams 6 monthly reviews coming up in April and i want to do something new and different for their KPI’s.  Every time i set them and we talk about them in the reviews they just don’t feel as if they reflect the day to day job.  So i want to come up with a new way to Manage them, so the question is how do you KPI something thats very hard to quantify.

Firstly i’m going to list what are examples of the department running well and also examples of the department running badly. Then try and work out a way to quantify the information and make it more relevant to the team members.  Then make sure they relate to the work the team do that then has a direct result to myself that mean the department is achieving what we want it to.

Last week we did a focus week on Online Nil Picks for Online Fulfilment reducing the number of un-investigated Nil Picks by departments by 74% so that was a great success.  Improving the stores Stock File Accuracy on the run up to stocktake.  4 Weeks and counting.

I finally set up the Stock Management KPI’s with just one more to work out how to monitor monthly so we can manage the rest of the management team on there stock file and stock work.


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