First day back from a week off. And what do you go back to in almost every job now. A huge list of emails. I think one of my jobs for this week is to improve my e-mail filters. 

I currently use my email I box as my to do list. Recieved between 50 and 200 emails a day I’ve had to put in a number of email filters to make sure what I’m seeing is relevant and filter the rest to look at later. I’m sure everyone gets this now a days when most businesses live in emails. 

I’ve spent today sifting and filing and deleting and have it down to a list of 43 relevant emails that I need to action. It’s worth putting in this initial work to help plan and organise the week. 

Id love to move away from emails and maybe to better task management or even group email box but unless the whole company changed I think we would struggle. 


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