Stocktake 2017

Another 6 months have passed an now we’ve just completed our 6 monthly stocktake in store.  The planning this year was even more detailed by me and my team.  This was my 4th Stocktake since in this store.  Each time we’ve perfected the process and this time was no exception.

  • Plans drawn up at 30 minute intervals to count 39,000 stock items.
  • Streamlined process using less staff with higher accuracy.
  • Trialed new process for double scanning and generating discrepancies.
  • 96% 2nd Blind Check completed by the store after the ORIG Count.
  • Finishing Time 10:30pm vs 11:30 last time with a higher percentage of accuracy.
  • Stockrooms counted in 5hrs twice.

Its crazy but i love stocktake, its the time to show what me and my team can do and what we have been working to all year.  We plan as much as we can but in the end the rest of it is down to the departments and how well they have managed there stock.  I cant wait to get the results and start analyzing them.

Ill be back once we have the result and have analyzed it as much as possible.  I know there are a good number of areas where we have had issues and stock inaccuracies exist but i want to see if they match up with the actual result so we can see where to work on over the next 6 months.


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